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Skins Big Bang Vent

a venting community for skins_bigbang

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Skins Big Bang { Vent }Welcome to skinsbang_vent, the venting community for participants of the Skins Big Bang.


This community is designed to allow participants in the Skins Big Bang a safe space to vent about their fic and art, and to allow cheerleaders and other participants a place to encourage writers and graphics makers. To better facilitate this process, this community is closed. Participants will receive an invite when they sign up. Check your invites here.

There are a few simple rules:
~Keep rants longer than 250 words behind a cut.
~Keep any rant over PG behind a cut.
~Please use common sense for how you behave.

~ Questions?
Read the FAQs. Contact the Mods.

Stylesheet by refuted